Peer to Peer Lending

Lend and Invest

Investor Portal

Investor Allocation

  • Configure the investment settings for each loan products
  • System can automatically allocate the investor based on the product investment settings and investor market
  • System will choose the investors from high, medium or low risk categories
  • Manually allocate the investors to each loan
  • Send the necessary comms to investor when a loan is mapped
  • Investor is allocated based on interest rate offered, minimum amount, duration and the investor category

Investor Management

  • Create and manage the investor from Investor Dashboard via CRM
  • Track the investors
  • Deposit, withdraw, invest on behalf of investors
  • Allocate the loan products
  • Assign the investors to high, low or medium risk categories
  • Review investor registrations and approve
  • Payout the interest
  • Send the contracts and comms to investor via workflows
  • View the loans mapped to each investor