Loan Origination

From origination to funds disbursal

Via End-user Web portal for Borrower

Other Lead Origination Sources

API Integration to your existing website

  • If you want to build your own or use existing end-user portal, no problem, plug into our secured APIs.
  • Only integrate the features that are needed for your business

Via Receive bulk loan applications via Lead Provider API

  • Create campaign codes and track the various sources.
  • Set the limits and price to buy or sell the leads
  • Manage the campaign codes and track the applications from different sources such as lead providers, compare websites, google ads, email campaign etc


  • CRM Agents can create new loan applications
  • Agents can choose from different products and applications forms and apply on behalf of the existing or new customers

Via Mobile or SMS

  • Existing users can avail the loan via SMS
  • Stay connected with your customers via Mobile app

Decision Engine

  • Validate loan application with 1000s of underwriting rules.
  • Set up various underwriting rules such as based on application data, credit agencies, payment provider rules and many more on your own.
  • Trigger workflows for each rule to allocate the tasks to different teams based on the underwriting rules
  • Build your own AI internal scoring and risk analysis
  • Run several credit reports parlelly
  • Approve/Reivew/Decline your applications by the rules
  • Validate customer's credit cards and bank accounts
  • Compare the loan applicatoin with different products and offer the right product
  • Fraud Prevention and duplicate identification

Quote Management

  • Offer alternative loan amount, duration, frequency or interest rate to your customer
  • Send and sign contracts/agreements electornically. 3-point signature
  • Verify customer's mobile, email and address by generating PINs.
  • Custom Quote calculations
  • Compare the application against different product and offer the best quote
  • View/Send/download/Print the amortization schedules before oferring the quote

Funds Disbursal

  • Integrate with payment outgoing providers
  • Transfer the funds directly from the platform
  • Set up Manual or Automatic funds transfer for each loan product