About Elending Platform

In the fast paced and dynamic loans market, traditional software systems have either been tailored to fit a business at a specific time, or been entirely “Off-the-Shelf” and unpersonailised to your own business needs.

Our eLending Platform solution is radically different. Rather than the expensive and slow solutions of the past, our eLending Platform combines the best of tailored software with the cost savings and efficiency gains of off-the-shelf solutions to provide an entirely new way to run your loan business.

Created and designed by a team of senior online lending professionals and marketing experts, this all-in-one Loan Management Software is the answer to your business needs no matter which loan product you want to offer now...or in the future.

Contact our team today and arrange a fully interactive demonstration of the eLending Platform and let us show you how we can transform your loan business with the minimal fuss, time and expense.

Automated Loan Processing System


We understand that every lending business is unique. The eLending platform has been designed and built to service these individual needs and suit your own commercial objectives.

Best Loan Servicing Software


Using the very latest cloud technologies, we can deliver a smarter and simpler platform that reacts to your customers and your staff needs that’s accessible from anywhere at any time.

Secured Automated Loan Software


All our applications are hosted on fully PCI-DSS compliant solutions which is necessary to process any customer payments.